Friday, April 22, 2011

New Trail Workout/Run Group

Starting Thursday May 12th at 6pm we will have a group workout or run in Bent Creek. There's something for everyone! Water will be available. Please bring a water bottle! We'll meet in the Rice Pinnacle Parking area by the restrooms. Lightning will be the only reason for a cancellation. Stay tuned to the blog in case of inclement weather.


Everyone: Active warm up (lead by Foot Rx Staff)

Beginner workout (monitored by staff): 10 min warm up, 3 x 60 sec uphill 3 x 60 sec downhill, 10 min cool down, stretch

Advanced workout (monitored by staff): 15 min warm up, 4x400m uphill 4 x 400m downhill, 15 min cool down, stretch

Runs (not guided, but directions provided courtesy Trish Brown's Book) - bring a friend or meet new people:

Beginner Loop: 3.47 miles Deer Lake Lodge Loop

Advanced Loop: 7.46 miles North Boundary Loop

Next Trail Group Meeting on Thursday May 26th. Stay tuned for details.

E-mail w/ questions

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