Saturday, January 29, 2011

10/10 Treadmill Challenge Date CHANGE!

So as not to conflict with the Black Mtn Valentine 5k, we are changing the date of the 10/10 Treadmill Challenge to one week later. That would be Thursday Feb. 17th through Sat. Feb. 19th.
The 10/10 Challenge consists of a free event at Foot Rx Running in which you call the store (277-5151) to sign up for a time slot. You can warm up before your allotted time. When your time comes, you will run at 10% grade on our treadmill for 10 minutes to see how far you can go.
Prizes will be awarded for various categories & ages for those that achieve the longest distance in 10 minutes. Awards will be from the store.
E-mail with questions

Blackjack 5k Jan. 29th Results

We had 12 Blackjack winners & 56 finishers which gave each winner a $27 gift certificate to the store. We also hid 4 Jokers on the course which were worth $20 gift certificates. Three were found.

Thank you to our volunteers! They were fantastic.

Don't forget we have another Blackjack 5k at Fletcher Park. Same time (register at 8am). Same cost ($5).

Here are the timed results:

1. Gary Ball 19:11
2. Gordon Murray 19:43
3. Shawn Bagley 19:45
4. Sam White 20:39
5. David Hibbs 20:44
6. Dallas Faulkner 20:57
7. Duncan Sharrits 21:10
8. Bill McKibbin 21:36
9. Mark Ryan 21:40
10. Tim Shea 21:45
11. Mo Adams 22:45
12. Ron Wyant 23:44
13. Randy Sam 23:45
14. Josh Batenhorst 24:25
15. TJ Thomasson 24:33
16. Dennis Duffy 25:06
17. Tim Reinelt 25:39
18. Chad Bowman 26:01
19. Gene Burleson 26:04
20. Gary Elliott 26:45
21. Scott Phillips 26:47
22. Clinton Pearsons 26:51
23. Adam Reagan 27:36
24. Charles McFalls 27:54
25. Erskine Thrasher 29:06
26. Mike Kai 29:58
27. Tim Murray 31:21
28. Jason Luttrul 36:35
29. Don McMahill 37:45
30. Dawson Hunter 38:16

1. Leah Nicholson 20:35
2. Rebecca Mayernick 22:04
3. Kellie Meylan 26:01
4. Kate Seng 26:14
5. Leslie Elliott 26:45
6. Tiffany Reagan 27:29
7. Nancy Griffin 28:28
8. Skye Littledave 28:31
9. Monika Gross 28:53
10. Leslie Thrasher 29:06
11. Tavel Cowan-Bell 29:16
12. Lynn Ray 29:17
13. Alicia Eddy 31:12
14. Angela Austin 31:13
15. Sandy Pratt 31:19
16. Beth Reagan 31:23
17. Angie Dorsey 33:25
18. Melissa McCulloch 33:39
19. Carol Schobert 34:21
20. Debbie Gregg 34:31
21. Rachel Reinelt 37:07
22. Candice Janco 37:44
23. Tammy Adell 38:28
24. Annette Christopher 40:31
25. Sherry Kai 44:56
26. Katie Kai 45:34

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blackjack 5k Jan. 29th is on!

We'll finally have our Blackjack 5k on Jan. 29th at Fletcher Park. Registration is at 8am. Cost is $5. Race starts at 8:30am.

How this works. Any one has a shot at winning the prize. The entry fees go into the pot. You are given a card at registration, one at mid-way, & one at the finish (if you so desire). Whoever hits 21 wins the pot. If there are multiple winners, we split the pot. Winners are awarded with Foot Rx Gift Certificates.
The event will be timed & results posted on the blog.

Take Hwy 25 to Howards Gap Rd. in Fletcher (across from Blue Sky Cafe). Its only a 1/4 mile down Howards Gap & the Park is on the left. Follow the entrance road all the way to the back. That's where registration will be.

Questions, e-mail

Monday, January 24, 2011

More race results

Some more quotes from local racers:

Finished the 10K at 1:00:43 which was 3 minutes better than my last 10K. Good start for my limited training outdoors in January.
Lynn Ray

Race was cold and fun. I'm happy to report I improved my time to 59:35 from last year's 1:00:46 to. Funny how it works to set a goal - I wanted to run at a 9:40 pace, and I ran 9:39.
Mary Koppenheffer

Albert Noah's first marathon was the Charleston Marathon. Once again, Congrats Albert on finishing your first marathon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blackjack 5k Jan. 29th

We hope to have our rescheduled Blackjack 5k Jan. 29th at Fletcher Park. We'll have to see what the weather brings.
Stay tuned!

Ambassador Results

We'd like to congratulate two runners from the Charleston 1/2 marathon on Jan. 15th. Aaron Kolk (one of our employees) took 3rd place overall in 1:13. Congrats also to Jesse Warren for his win in the Grand Masters category in 1:33! Great Job to both!

Results from MLK Race for Unity, Jan. 15th, Furman University.
Benefit, the Lupus Foundation for Research.
See photos 44 & 45
70 yrs + division: Don McMahill, 1st, Dawson Hunter, 2nd, Ray Schockley, 3rd.

Congrats to Albert Noah for his finishing of his 1st marathon.

There were a ton of Hot Chocolate 10k finishers from the Jan. 22nd race! Congrats to all finishers. Here are a few quotes:

(Best news of the weekend!)
My time was 1 hour 22 min and 22 sec. It was my first 10K.
Tammy Adell

I really enjoyed the Hot Choc race today - beautiful day, little wind, over 1000 runners, killer hill at the end. I finished 1st female with a time just under 40 minutes.
Keelin Schneider

(Quote of the weekend! - She still ran faster than last year!)
The HC today was not my best work. My pace was down to 12:46, which is worse than my half marathon pace. I blame the fact that I was up until after midnight searching for my lost Foot Rx hat. Or maybe it's that I stopped using my inhaler. Or that I wasn't wearing Rachael's lucky shorts. In any event, I still finished almost 3 minutes better than last year. (But last year I was sick and dropped out, and only ran because there was an extra registration at the last minute.) The course was tougher too. The hill gets uglier every year. And my GPS read 6.39. There. I think that's all my excuses.
Lynn Rapp

(2nd best quote of the weekend)
Speaking of the Hot Chocolate run, I did run... and I beat my time from last year! By one whole second! LOL!!! By my watch, I wasn't sure but I thought I was actually slower by one second, which really burned me up as crazy as it sounds, so I was pretty stoked when the official results came out. :-)
Liz Cyriac

My Hot Chocolate time today was 38:31 2nd in age catagory.
Curtis Rowe

I ran a 39:14, 22nd overall/1000 and 3rd in my 45-49 age group.
Cold day
Todd Gothberg

Ran the hot chocolate 10k in 41:45. 1st in AG. :)
Kimberly Sweetland

(Taken directly from Lance's blog
I crossed the finish in 42:47, good enough for a Top 50 finish (out of 825 finishers) and 6 of 53 in my age group. That was a 20-second improvement from last year, on a course that I would estimate, for a runner in my pace class, to be 45 seconds to a full minute longer than last year. So, all things considered, I was pleased that I braved the cold with the rest of the Asheville runners and ran the race. And there was plenty of hot chocolate afterwards for everyone.
Lance P Martin

The Hot Chocolate was more welcome than ever with the temperature in the low 20s at the start and not much warmer at the finish. I’ve run all four of the Hot Chocolate 10k races since it appeared on the scene in 2008 and I don’t think it’s ever been this cold. It was great to get the first race of the year under my belt, especially after a six-week break in racing and challenging winter weather conditions that hamper training. I felt great and had a good time. As always this race was impeccably organized and managed.
Dennis Duffy

Foot Rx Ambassadors
Hot Chocolate 10k Results
Age Group
Chip Time
Gun Time

Curtis Rowe
Columbus NC
2 25-29

Jeff Trantham
Candler NC
2 40-44

Todd Gothberg
3 45-49

Keelin Schneider
1 Open

Erik Ostergaard
Asheville NC
7 30-34

Andy Brouwer
5 25-29

Kimberly Sweetland
1 35-39

Lance Martin
Asheville NC
6 40-44

Dennis Duffy
10 50-54

Jeff Carnivale
27 40-44

Mary Koppenheffer
8 55-59

Lynn Ray
14 45-49

Jason Luttrull
asheville NC
54 30-34

Lynn Rapp
Fairview NC
38 45-49

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dupont 1/2 Training Group

Message from Greg Walker for those signed up for Dupont 1/2 Marathon Training Group:
I hope everyone managed to get in 60 minutes over the weekend. We will meet tomorrow evening at 5:45pm at the Steelcase Shelter in Fletcher Park. Be sure and bring a headlamp/flashlight, it will be dark after we finish our warm up. We will shoot for a 45 minute run-15 minute warm up, followed by 20 minutes of Intervals, and 10-15 minute cool down. If you have not, please email your shirt size.

It would be very helpful if each of you would email me the following: Race goal for ½ Marathon? number of days per week you usually run? Pace per mile when running? And the length of your longest run to date? in Minutes. This will help me tailor our workouts each week.

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the Gift”- Steve Prefontaine

Greg Walker

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dunpont Group Run Jan 15 canceled

Due to the face that Fletcher Park Greenway is still a sheet of ice and DuPont has about 10 inches of snow covering it, the group run for Jan 15th is canceled. We will shoot for meeting next Wednesday evening at Fletcher Park at 5:45pm at the Steelcase Shelter to run. Try to get in about 60 minutes this weekend, best if it is indoors-treadmill, bicycle etc. If you are on the road watch for ice and be aware that most sidewalks are still covered with snow in our area. Follow week 1 of the training plan and pick out a cross training workout that you can do when running is not possible. We will do a long run next Saturday, Jan 22nd for those of you not racing the Hot
Chocolate 10k. WE are still 12 weeks out for the half marathon, so we have plenty of time to build our mileage and over pace up by April 9th. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Closing early!

Wednesday January 12th we will be closing at 5:00pm due to possible snow and icy conditions.

Thanks and safe running!

Dupont Orientation Postponed; Blackjack 5k Rescheduled

The Dupont 1/2 Marathon training group meeting scheduled for tonight at 6pm has been cancelled. New date and time TBA.
Greg Walker will make a decision about Saturday's Group run on Friday, but is doubtful that it will be held at DuPont. Wednesday evening runs begin next week at 5:45pm in Fletcher Park.

The previously canceled Blackjack 5K has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 29. $5 to enter. Registration begins at 8 am with the race starting at 8:30. The race will be held at Fletcher Park.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Frosty 50k Result

Jennifer & Kevin Heffner report they finished the Frosty 50k at Salem Lake in Winston Salem in around five and a half hours. Their first ultra run! Congrats to both. Great job. 50k is just over 31 miles.

Foot Rx Closed Jan. 11th

Due to inclement weather & dangerous road conditions, we'll be closed Jan. 11th

Monday, January 10, 2011

Race Results from Jan. 8 & 9

Lynn Rapp had the following to say about the Resolution Run 1/2 Marathon in Travelers Rest, SC:

"My time was 2:39 or 40 which is close to a PR for me. Around the last mile I realized I could potentially beat my PR, but I didn't want to risk my perfect record of not vomiting."

Love it Lynn!

Erik Ostergaard was 6th overall & 1st in his age group. Great job buddy!

Jesse Warren reportedly won his age group as well!

Congrats to all three of you!

Jeff Carnivale was also in action this past weekend. Jeff ran the Frosty 50k in Winston Salem, NC at Salem Lake. Jeff ran 4:40:35. 225 registered, ?? started, 169 finished, he was 41st. Jeff reports "Fun day of sun, snow, wind."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blackjack 5k Jan. 8th Canceled

As much as I hate to do it, Mother Nature is forcing me to cancel the Blackjack for today. The roads are in no shape to drive safely. I'm sorry every one. We'll try to reschedule this one.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blackjack 5k Jan. 8th Gameday Decision

I will post if the Blackjack 5k will go forward or be canceled based on weather at 6:30am on Sat. Jan 8th
I will also send out an e-mail through our newsletter, post on our Facebook Wall, & Tweet my decision. It doesn't look like we're suppose to get too much overnight, but we'll see what the road conditions are in the morning.
Stay tuned!
Race registration is at 8am. Race at 8:30am. $5. Fletcher Park. Meet in last parking lot.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Raylene Morrow gets the 1st results of 2011

Raylene writes "I have already ran my first race in 2011. New Year’s Day Wake Up 5k in Surgoinsville, TN. I placed 3rd in my Age Group."

Congrats to Raylene & any one else who raced a New Years Race!

Send us your results & pictures if you have them!