Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Change of site for trail workout

Without knowing it, we scheduled our workout group at the same day/time/location as another group.

To eliminate confusion, our workout group will now meet at the Hardtimes Trailhead parking area at 6pm on May 12th.

We will still run the same two workouts, but will eliminate the runs.


Everyone: Active warm up (lead by Foot Rx Staff)

Beginner workout (monitored by staff): 10 min warm up, 3 x 60 sec uphill 3 x 60 sec downhill, 10 min cool down, stretch

Advanced workout (monitored by staff): 15 min warm up, 4x400m uphill 4 x 400m downhill, 15 min cool down, stretch

Next Trail Group Meeting on Thursday May 26th. Stay tuned for details.

E-mail aaron@footrx.com w/ questions

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