Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foot Tag Challenge Rules

Buy in for remaining 2 races at store or local race we are at for $15 (pays for remaining June & Nov. races as well).


1. Tags must be worn at races on the participants shoe.

2. Challenges must be issued from a higher tag # to a lower tag # before the race begins. No challenges can be issued once a race begins!

3. No challenge can be refused!

4. If the person with the lower tag # drops out of the race, they automatically forfeit their tag # to the challenger, no matter what the reason (including injury)!

5. All tags must be exchanged post-race. If some-one leaves the race without the exchange taking place, the deserter will be given the next highest # available. Please report deserters to

6. Any one can buy in to the Challenge Series after it begins for $15, but they will receive the next highest tag # available.

7. All Participants in the series will be posted on the blog so every one knows who is participating & who they can challenge.

8. In the case of a tie, no tag exchange will take place. If the tie takes place in the final race, & affects the distribution of awards, the award for the given place will be split between the tying runners.

9. To be eligible for awards, participants must complete Race #3.


Top 10 Male & Female Overall

Top Male & Female finisher in the following Age Groups:

19 + Under







No double Dipping on Awards!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Race Report from Mar. 24-25

Curtis Rowe placed 6th overall at the NC 1/2 Marathon setting a new PR of 1:21.

Jesse Warren and Shannon Wildes were at the Valley of the Lilies 1/2 Marathon for what Shannon called "a long, cold, rainy run." Jesse finished 3rd in his age group with a time of 1:42:11 and Shannon finished 2nd in her age group with a time of 1:46:36.Randy Sain finished in 1:49. Tera Pruitt finished in 2:13:29.

Raylene Morrow sent in the following race report:

"I ran the NC ½ at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday. Finish time of 2:05:30, weather was great for running and race was fun with a race car at every mile marker. Nice finishers medals with lights. Pace car lead the race but I could only hear it, no way I could catch it and draft."

Dupont 12k Results:

David Workman 47:02 - 4th

Shawn Bagley 52:33 - 14th

Karen Masson 54:28 2nd Female Overall

Scott Hickman 55:30 - 28th

Bart Smith 57:30 - 37th

Albert Noah 1:05:56 - 93rd

Molly Pritchard 1:06:55 - 96th

Dennis Duffy 1:08:37 - 110

Mike Lewis 1:18:56 - 165th

Rebecca Mayernick ran a 15k in Mainz, Germany on Saturday where she came in first place overall!

Results, Cubs On The Run 5K, Canton, NC - March 24, 2012

John Treleaven - 1AG - 22:27

Don McMahill - 1AG - 34:17

Charlie Dotson - 2AG - 34:51

Dawson Hunter - 3AG - 38:15

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Race Report from March 17-18

Ron Wyant (pictured above) sent in the following:
"The Assault on Black Rock this past weekend was one of the most challenging races I've done. I talked two friends into joining me. It was their first trail race. (some friend I am) Most of the course was technical and steep. It was my first race since a knee injury I received during the Tsali 30K back in Jan.. My knee held up and we really enjoyed ourselves. One of my friends did receive a belt buckle for finishing in under 101 minutes. Maybe next year I'll be in better shape and get that buckle."

Aaron Saft won the Asheville Catholic School Shamrock 5k in 16:43. Don McMahill won his age group finishing 37:09.

In the 10k race of the Shamrock, Karen Masson was 3rd Female Overall & 1st Master's. Dennis Duffy ran 53:12 & finished 40th overall & 6th in his Age Group. Dennis also successfully defended his Foot Tag #4. Kate Seng ran the Asheville Catholic School Shamrock 10k & finished 6th in her Age Group in 1:00:22.

Jeff Carnivale ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon Sundayin 3:40 helping a friend qualify for Boston.

Jenn Bauer sent in the following race report:

My adventure racing team WRFF - Sweat Sisters, participated in the Jackrabbit Mountain Adventure Race on Saturday March 17 in Hayesville, NC. The three of us had a great time, despite the drizzly morning. We ran, trekked, canoed, mountain biked, sweated for almost 8 hours, and enjoyed our day in the mountains."

For more info, results are here:!results