Tuesday, April 5, 2011

26.2 Bataan March

This Race Report was sent via e-mail:

As Helen Ann Kroll and Sam Mattoni from Waynesville ventured out to Santa Fe, New Mexico they had no idea of the event that they were about to embark on. 26.2 miles in the dessert was all we really thought about. Wow, where we about to be enlightened.

This memorial pays homage to the men and women who defended Luzon, Corregidor, and the harbor defense forts of the Phillippines during World War II. There are few survivors left today and they were there to great us. We listened to countless stories of real events, that touched our hearts in many ways.

As we tackled the course, we were physically challenged by the altitude gain, the rocks and the sand, but this special event is much more of a test of strength and stamina alone. We experienced a real sense of community with our fellow marchers, the extraordinary volunteers, and the heroic Bataan survivors that touched our very spirit. As we placed one foot in front of the other time after time, we found a greater appreciation of the legacy of our great nation and the sacrifices required to secure and defend our way of life.

We experienced another amazing " happening" No blisters thanks to Foot RX.

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