Monday, January 30, 2012

Race Report from Jan. 28-29

Raylene Morrow sent in the following race report:
"I ran the War Party 10k at Warriors State Park in Kingsport, TN. 1st place in my Age Group with a time of 53:17. The BEST part “ trophies” were Bobble Head Runners."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Talk 2 of 4 Tues., Jan. 24 6pm CORE WORK FOR RUNNERS At New Location

Free Talk Series by Physical Therapist Wes Miller

Limited space is available. Please RSVP to if you have not done so already.

Run, run, fast as you can - unless you CAN'T - 70% of runners lose at least one training day a year to injury. At Foot Rx, we have built our reputation on helping those who are injured return to the track or trails. But footwear is only one ingredient in the recipe for staying healthy so the other folks can't catch you. So we invited one of the experts who has helped take care of US to teach YOU how to take care of you this winter.

We'll help you rise from a gooey, gumdrop-buttoned dough ball to a tempered, ginger warrior ready to break the mold by the time spring rolls around.

Join us at our NEW 1979-A Hendersonville Rd location at 6pm for a 4-session, interactive, bring-your-mat-and-roll-around-on-the-floor series to really break notions about everything connected to your fitness routine. Q&A and help with modifications based on your specific needs will be part of every session to help you get the most out of every session.

SESSION #2 Jan. 24: The CORE is the key to efficient running (and why you're probably training it wrong)

SESSION #3 Feb. 7: Anaerobic training for an aerobic sport (why STRENGTH TRAINING with heavy weights improves your endurance )

SESSION #4 Feb. 21: Jumping back into spring (What can PLYOMETRICS do for me?)

Wesley Miller, PT, FAAOMPT has been addressing the sports medicine needs of the Asheville community for nearly a decade. His physcial therapy expertise is in chronic, hard-to-treat conditions and is a sucker for a challenging patient. Endurance trail running, 24-hour mountain bike racing, barefoot and minimalist footwear, and brevets have helped him appreciate the needs of the outdoor athlete. Having ankle surgery helped him appreciate the recovery process and honed his treatment approach to maximize your potential. He currently practices at Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Arden.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Race Report Catch Up

We'll be busy with race reports with all the new Ambassadors! Results have already started rolling in!

Jennifer Tyner completed the Disney Goofey Challenge doing the 1/2 Marathon on Sat., & the full marathon on Sun. Awesome!

Lynn Marks ran the Louisiana 1/2 Marathon. According to Lynn, not her best race, but possibly the best last 4 miles she's had!

Hot chocolate 10k saw a slew of Foot Rx Runners.
Aaron Kolk was 2nd overall in 32:31.
Phil Latter was 4th overall in 33:40.
David Workman was 7th overall in 35:35.
Andy Brouwer set a new PR with a 38:02 finishing 16th overall!
Kimberly Sweetland was 3rd Female Overall in an impressive PR of 40:16!
Rob Fields tied his PR running 41:49.
Emily Pulsifer finished 7th woman overall in 42:25!
Lauren Britton had a PR of 47:45 good for 3rd in her Age Group!
Robin Mehler was 4th in her Age Group in 48:34.
Rush Austin ran a new PR of 48:43. He was 135/996 and 12/42 Male in the 45-49 Age Group.
Dennis Duffy finished in 52:17.
Eric Arthur Pr'd with a 53:37.
Sarah Hendricks had a 8 minute PR & a really good time!
Christy Bare ran 1:05.
Janet Kargar finished in 1:08:20.
Kathy Pressley had a PR of 1:10:27.
Gerri Grady ran 1:13:53.

In the Snowman 8k in Colombia, SC, Stuart Moran was 1st overall in 24:52.

Nancy Griffin ran the 1st Light 1/2 Marathon in Mobile, AL in a new PR of 2:04!

Eddie White competed in a Crossfit Games in Greensboro this past weekend.

Brian Simpson ran the Salem Lake Frosty 50k on Jan. 7 & finished 14th overall in 4:01:18

Jesse Warren did a 1/2 Marathon in Charleston, SC & was 2nd in his Age Group.

Melissa McCulloch sent the following report:
I was in Florida visiting my sister and while there ran the 4-mile Ringling Bridge Run. It was a beautiful course with 2 miles of the race over the bridge, great weather too. Finished 699 out of 2150 finishers and 14th out of 114 women in the 55-59 age group. Not fast at 36:30 but had a blast. A lot of fast older folks down there, very inspiring."

Mary Koppenheffer sent in the following report:
"I had an awesome time at the Chevron Houston Marathon. Beautiful weather, really well organized race, cheering fans along the entire course. We even had an ex-president along the sidelines cheering us on (George Bush Sr.). Had the added benefit of being U.S. Olympic Marathon Trial weekend - running right past my hotel - so I snapped the attached pics of Kara Goucher (came in 3rd) and Meb Keflezighi, who came in first for men. both making a fashion statement with their shoes! My time was 4:36 - 11 min. off what I need for Boston, so I'm very happy and ready to start training for my next marathon! My Brooks PureConnects were fantastic."

Bryce Sloan sent in the following:
"I just ran my very 1st half marathon Jan 8. It was the Disney World Marathon Relay. My sister & I ran it with me running the fist 13.1 & her doing the second half. She is fast and we place 17 our of 259 women's relay teams. My time was 2:19 a bit slower then I'd hoped for. But it was my first half so I got a PR!

I also ran the Hot Chocolate 10K and my time was 1:00:06, sooooo very close to breaking an hour! I conquered my fear of running in the rain! And it was really a fun race in the rain!"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Announcing the 2012 Foot Rx Asheville Ambassadors

We welcome the 2012 Foot Rx Asheville Ambassadors!

Rob Fields

Ed Carpenter

Rachel Blattner

Jenny Primm

Eric Arthur

Danielle Myers

Christy Bare

Aaron Ledford

Emily Pulsifer

Tammy Adell

Shawn Bagley

Jennifer Bauer

Bill Sauber

Andy Brouwer

Jeff Carnivale

Liz Cyriac

Dennis Duffy

Nancy Griffin

Allie Hustead

Mary Koppenheffer

Aaron Ledford

Lynn Marks

Lance Martin

Dan Mason

Melissa McCulloch

Lynn Rapp

Rebecca Mayernick

Don McMahill

Alisha Moore

Raylene Morrow

Albert Noah

Lydia Odell

Karen Ostergaard

Tera Pruett

Chris Pruitt

Lynn Ray

Curtis Rowe

Kate Seng

Duncan Sharrits

Brian Simpson

Bryce Sloan

Bart Smith

Kimberly Sweetland

Todd Gothberg

Jeff Trantham

Greg Walker

Jesse Warren

Shannon Wildes

Ron Wyant

Stacie Dotson

Brian Bauer

Terry Foxworth

Colette Simonetti

Tess Burns

Eddie White

Josh Cree

Jennifer Hefner

Elizabeth Hankley

Shannon Worley

Tom Berstein

Ben Herman

Robin Mehler

Gerri Grady

Lorri Rich

Kathy Pressley

Janet Kargar

Ashley Dolman

Karen Masson

Rachelle Sorensen-Cox

Maura Goodrich

Patty Griggs

Pamela VanPraag

Ralph VanPraag

Olivia VanPraag

Molly Pritchard

Andy McKenzie

Ed Green

Jennifer Tyner

Mike Lewis

Randy Sain

Nicole D’Ippolito

Josh Wexler

Alan Burdette

Jan Thomas

Scott Hickman

Brent Myers

Ellen Seagle

Rush Austin