Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Race Report from 5-24 to 5-25-13

Asheville Lightning Developmental Meet at A.C. Reynolds High School. 
  • Andrew Robinson 

3000m- 10:11 - 1st Place
1500m- 4:47 - 1st Place

800m- 2:23 - 4th place

Rock 2 Rock Trail 10k - Black Mtn. - 5/24

  • Shiloh Meilke - 1st Overall
  • David Workman - 4th Overall - 1st Master's

White Squirrel 10k - Brevard - 5/25

  • Sarah Hendricks - 52:36 - 37th Overall - 4th Age Group
  • Dennis Duffy - 52:48 - 39th Overall - 4th Age Group

White Squirrel 5k - Brevard - 5/25

  • Alycia Andrade - 19:10 - 1st Female & 4th Overall

Sunset Stampede 15k - Asheville - 5/25

  • Paul Fitzpatrick - 1:14:55 - 14th Overall - 3rd Age Group
  • Tera Pruett - 1:39:10 - 8th Age Group
  • Melissa McCulloch - 1:41 - 3rd Age Group

Rise 'n Shine 5k - Carrier Park - 5/25
  • Nancy Griffin - 24:20 - 1st Place Age Group

Monday, May 20, 2013

Race Report from 5-18 to 5-19-13

Cradle to Grave Trail 30k (18.6 miles) - Pisgah National Forest

  • Aaron Saft - 1st Place Overall - 2:10:12
  • David Workman - 2nd Place Overall 
  • Thomas Cason - 1st Male Master's
  • Keelin Schneider - 1st Woman Overall - 2:32:47
  • Alycia Andrade - 2nd Woman Overall
  • Andy Brouwer - 10th Overall - 3rd Age Group
  • Shawn Bagley - 13th Overall
  • Rush Austin (see Race Report below) - 6th Age Group
  • Shannon Wildes - 45th Overall - 6th Age Group - 1st Trail Run!
  • Jesse Warren - 93rd Overall - 10th Age Group

Burnsville Fit Families 5k

  • Paul Fitzpatrick - 23:15 - 3rd Age Group

Sevierville TRI - TN
  • Raylene Morrow
Total time 1:23:06
Swim 5:07 150 yards
T1 1:24
Bike 49:47 18k
T2   :25
Run 26:22
1st age group 

Melissa (The Amazing) McCulloch sent in the following:

"Ran the 30k yesterday in 4:37, 8th in 50-59 age group.  Ran the Biltmore 5k today, won age group 55-59 in 30:12.  Also, today Daphne Kirkwood gave those of us who did the marathon, duathlon and race today, the Trifecta prize.  Am I lucky or what?"

The following is Rush Austin's race report from Cradle to Grave 30k:

"I've been to the mountain. I'm sore, scratched, cut, bruised, and my IT band and I are going to have a long, serious talk. It took me 15 minutes to rinse the mud out of my shoes and socks. I fell off a log footbridge into a creek and banged the heck out of my left hip. The last 3 miles were tough after than. My calves are twitching, my quads are sore, and I had dirt in places that I haven't had dirt in for years. In short, I loved it!

Rain, lots and lots of rain. Mud, lots and lots of shoe-sucking mud. Mud over the tops of your shoes, over the tops of your ankles, mud up to your shins. Lagoons of water on the trail, some holding deep holes that you would sink in up to your knee. A roaring creek crossing (on the out and and the back), the water almost up to my hips. And right smack in the middle...a mountain. I mean a MOUNTAIN. I knew it was there. I'd studied the course map. I'd looked at the terrain. "It looks like we run up this valley until we hit a wall. Then we climb the wall.", I told a guy before the race. And that was pretty much it.

The course was great. A little bit of asphalt in the begining. Some gravel roads and miles of single track. Lots of foot bridges. Some made out of logs with a handrail; some like boardwalks. Good support with water, Gatorade, GU gels, and fruit. I'd decided to try to just drink to thirst today and push the sugar. I didn't carry my Camelbak,and I ate a gel every 20 minutes. I felt like my energy levels stayed strong. I did have one setback early. At some point, I must have stopped my watch, maybe trying to wipe water off it's face. When I went through the 3 mile marker in 19 minutes, I knew something was wrong and then I realized my watch had stopped. I asked a fellow runner what our elapsed time was. My watch was 9 minutes off. Oh no, now I had to do math.

Mile markers were set every three miles. That was fine until about mile 12 or so, then it became psychologically harder as I knew my watch was wrong and the GPS was wrong too. It would have been easier on me to be able to tick off the miles. The 15 to 18 stretch seemed to take forever, but then my hip was throbbing pretty bad too.

Great free lunch after the race with a free beer. Live bluegrass music under the pavilion. Overall a very well run event that I can't wait to do again.

I finished 26/154 and 6/18 M40-49. If they had done five year age groups, I would have won M45-49. I ran 2:57:29. I started too fast. All week I had told myself to go out conservative until I climbed the mountain at 9 & 10 and then push hard on the back. I just didn't slow down and that, combined with falling off the log, hurt me in the last three miles. I was still "flying" at mile 15."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Senior Games News!

Jackson County Senior Games
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Western Carolina University

Don McMahill - 1st AG, 5000 meters Race Walk - 40:45

This qualifies Don to race in the NC State Sr. Games to be held in Raleigh next September

Note: Don is headed to Cleveland in July for competition in the National Sr. Games, as a result
of his win at last year's NC State Sr. Games.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Race Report from 5-11 to 5-12-13

Ramble Run 12k -  Biltmore Park

  • Andy Brouwer - 51:45 - 2nd Age Group
  • Scott Hickman - 52:19 - 1st Age Group
  • Lance Martin - 57:43 - 4th Place Age Group - 27th Overall
  • Jimmie Thrash - 1:00:59 - 5th Age Group
  • Mary Koppenheffer - 1:12 - 2nd Age Group
  • Lynn Marks - 1:12:52 - 7th Age Group
  • Kate Seng - 1:16:22 - 7th Age Group
  • Melissa McCulloch - 1:20  

Ramble Run 5k - Biltmore Park

  • Philip Taylor - 22:59 - 2nd Age Group
  • Janet Sword - 25:21 - 1st Age Group (Pictured w/ her Daughter, Grayson - 1st Place Age Group) They took 3rd Place in the Mother/Child Category

Monday, May 6, 2013

Race Report from 5-4 to 5-5-13

Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati May 5

  • Chris Pruitt - 3:28:23 - 6th out of 267 Age Group (35-39). Out of 1790 females, She was 41st place. A PR by 15 minutes & a Boston Qualifier!

Mountain Madness Half Ironman 5/5/13

  • Adam Fischer - 4th Age Group 30-34 including a 1:47 half marathon 

2013 America Cancer Society Asheville Relay Relay for Life 1/2 Marathon
  • Alan Burdette - 2:33:25 - 1st Place Overall

PB&J 5k - Hendersonville
Kate Seng sent in the following report:
"I raced the PB&J 5k with my son Graham this weekend.  Graham is 8 and was excited to complete his first 5k.  We ran most of the time...he did great.  We finished 52 and 53 respectively out of 127.  Our times were 30:37 and 30:47."