Monday, March 5, 2012

Race Report from Mar. 3-4

Eric Arthur (pictured above) ran the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. He did carry the pillow & glass slipper the whole way!

Lynn Marks ran the New Orleans Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon on Sunday and finished in 2:07.

Results, 2nd Ram Run 5K @ Valley Springs Middle School, Arden, NC, March 3, 2012

71+ Age Division-Men

3rd, Dawson Hunter, 83, - 35:16

2nd, Don McMahill, 76, 33:23

71 + Age Division-Women

1st, Barbara Hunter, 75, 65:13 (Power walks with pace-maker)

Aaron Ledford sent in the following reports:

"Tough Mudder- Was Feb. 12th just outside of Atlanta at the Aonia Pass MotoCross Park, Washington, GA. I had friends that talked me into signing up didn't really do much prep for this race. Actually I hadn't exercised hardly at all do to large doses of Predosine and nasty steroid shots that the docs had put me on.

Race morning was cold as hell 28 degrees at the start. The race consisted of 12 miles of trails/ streams and 25 or so obstacles. They really pushed team skills and comradely at the race. They had a drill Sergeant get the runners pumped up right before the race, and mentioned all the money that was raised for the Wounded warrior project.

All jacked up with start out through the sea of mudders. The first obstacle that sticks in my mind was the Arctic enema. A huge long tank filled with ice and color dyed water where there are obstacles making you fully submerge yourself in this lung compressing H2O. Soon after there was a long section of burning straw bales that my teammates and in stopped at to warm up. I guess i didn't mention i was one of a few to go shirtless. My idea was that i would dry faster. We did see lots of wet suits that morning. Smarter idea!! As we progressed through some fun trails and plenty of obstacles spaced out perfectly to keep you wet as you almost dried out my teammates paced slowed more and more. My only thought was to run hard and leave these two behind so i could warm up. I stay and try to stay warm by jogging in place, burpees, etc. Some obstacles include inverted monkey bars that are greased that sent me into ice water, electrified wires that shock the crap out of you as pass by. All in all it was fun after it was said and done and definitely a lot more challenging then a had originally thought. There were several obstacles that required lots of upperbody strength, and team work. The weather was the big factor that day.

Crossfit Open WOD#1 The first Wod was released Feb. 22.

I originally wasn't planning on competing with my focus being running

100+ miles in 24 hours in april. After seeing it that night a made a

last minute decision to enter. That day I did our daily WOD at HEW (Hard Exercise Works) of 21-15-9 of thrusters(95lbs.) and burpees.

This Wod was a 5 minute workout that destroyed me... The next day I take on the COW#1 which was a 7minute AMRAP of burpees! I hit 121 which was a decent score but knew i could do more if i was fresh, but i had the MMC a few days later

MMC- So i came into Footrx on friday you guys fixed me up! Thank you!

Went to packet pick up had a cheeseburger and a few oatmeal stouts and tried to sleep off the soreness from all the burppes a had done the day before. I wake up as usual right before the alarm clock goes off and prep to for the days adventure still sore as the night before.

The weather was cold but not half as bad as the Tough Mudder. I was excited but a little nervous about my sore hams and lats. About three miles in hot spots develop on the inside of my arch. I end up stopping a few times play with my insoles and eventually at a aid station with firefighters take my shoes off pop some blisters and received some magic mole skin. It helped quit a bit for the next 8 miles or so.

After my last shoe and compression sock removal i realize all my goofing off might not allow me to make the cutoff. I pick up my pace and barely make it with 3 minutes to spare. I walked up a good section of the parkway as my water bottle began to freeze. I really enjoyed all of the Challenge course, and my pace was much improved. I dont own yak tracks and did fine without them by paying close attention to foot position. Not worried about time anymore i still continued my bad habit of hanging out at aid stations for 10+ minutes. Allowing me to personally thank everyone for being up there. The aid and support during the race was awesome. The top Of Mitchell was beautiful despite the cloud cover. I struggled with my frozen water bottle most of the challenge course. Taking the lid off putting some slush in my mouth several times soon left my gloves frozen with ice. They were already numb though so i wasn't concerned. I had a lot in the tank so on the downhill i pass a lot of people that i had played leap frog with before and after aid stations. My knees felt good and i let gravity do it's thing.

I finished just under 8hrs. with a good strong kick at the end. It was a lot of fun and hope to run it again next year and shaving at least a hour from my time.

COW#1 Again.... The day after the race i tended to my bloody blisters and went on a group hike with my clients from the gym. We had a great turn out form HEW 30 or so clients was awesome for first group outing.

On our way home my wife decided we should eat at Papa's and beer. I destroy A ranchereo steak platter with all the fixings. A few hours later after a good relaxing epsom salts bath. My wife tells me that my score had dropped in the crossfit games and i needed to do it again and submit it before the deadline which was 8pm. Crazy right... I was still sore from the first time and MMC the day before. So we set up for the WOD in the basement and film it on my Iphone. Surprisingly i hit 131 reps, which brought me up a good amount in the standings. My wife however miscounted and gave me 130, because i distracted her when i puked up some steak, onions and peppers in my mouth about 5 and half minutes in.

WOD #2 Where the men and boys separate....

This WOD is a ladder of the olympic lift the Snatch for 10 minutes. 30 reps at 75lbs. then the next 30 at 135lbs. then another 30 at165lbs.

Then after that AMRAP at 215lbs. The goal is to progress as far through the ladder as possible in 10 minutes. I knocked out the first 60 but failed on the 165lb reps. !65 is my one rep max fresh so i wasn't surprised."

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