Saturday, March 3, 2012

Foot Tag 5k Challenge Race #1 Standings

Men Tag #'s as of March 3, 2012
1. Aaron Saft
2. Ed Carpenter
3. Wesley Miller
4. Dennis Duffy
5. Ralph Van Praag
6. Jeffery King
7. Hunter Sloan
8. Steve Sloan

Women's Tag #'s as of March 3, 2012
1. Hilary Krueger
2. Terry Etterman
3. Christine Pruitt
4. Bryce Sloan
5. Janet Casperson
6. Isabele Sloan

E-mail for your times if you are interested.

Any one who did not make the race today can buy in at Foot Rx Asheville for $15 and receive the next highest tag number. This will include your entry fee for the next 2 races in the series.

June 9 is Race #2. Location TBA.

From now until Race #2, you can challenge any one with a lower Foot Tag number than your own at any local area race BEFORE the start of the event. If you beat the person, you switch Tags. Get as low a number as you can!

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