Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foot Tag Challenge Rules

Buy in for remaining 2 races at store or local race we are at for $15 (pays for remaining June & Nov. races as well).


1. Tags must be worn at races on the participants shoe.

2. Challenges must be issued from a higher tag # to a lower tag # before the race begins. No challenges can be issued once a race begins!

3. No challenge can be refused!

4. If the person with the lower tag # drops out of the race, they automatically forfeit their tag # to the challenger, no matter what the reason (including injury)!

5. All tags must be exchanged post-race. If some-one leaves the race without the exchange taking place, the deserter will be given the next highest # available. Please report deserters to

6. Any one can buy in to the Challenge Series after it begins for $15, but they will receive the next highest tag # available.

7. All Participants in the series will be posted on the blog so every one knows who is participating & who they can challenge.

8. In the case of a tie, no tag exchange will take place. If the tie takes place in the final race, & affects the distribution of awards, the award for the given place will be split between the tying runners.

9. To be eligible for awards, participants must complete Race #3.


Top 10 Male & Female Overall

Top Male & Female finisher in the following Age Groups:

19 + Under







No double Dipping on Awards!

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