Monday, March 26, 2012

Race Report from Mar. 24-25

Curtis Rowe placed 6th overall at the NC 1/2 Marathon setting a new PR of 1:21.

Jesse Warren and Shannon Wildes were at the Valley of the Lilies 1/2 Marathon for what Shannon called "a long, cold, rainy run." Jesse finished 3rd in his age group with a time of 1:42:11 and Shannon finished 2nd in her age group with a time of 1:46:36.Randy Sain finished in 1:49. Tera Pruitt finished in 2:13:29.

Raylene Morrow sent in the following race report:

"I ran the NC ½ at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday. Finish time of 2:05:30, weather was great for running and race was fun with a race car at every mile marker. Nice finishers medals with lights. Pace car lead the race but I could only hear it, no way I could catch it and draft."

Dupont 12k Results:

David Workman 47:02 - 4th

Shawn Bagley 52:33 - 14th

Karen Masson 54:28 2nd Female Overall

Scott Hickman 55:30 - 28th

Bart Smith 57:30 - 37th

Albert Noah 1:05:56 - 93rd

Molly Pritchard 1:06:55 - 96th

Dennis Duffy 1:08:37 - 110

Mike Lewis 1:18:56 - 165th

Rebecca Mayernick ran a 15k in Mainz, Germany on Saturday where she came in first place overall!

Results, Cubs On The Run 5K, Canton, NC - March 24, 2012

John Treleaven - 1AG - 22:27

Don McMahill - 1AG - 34:17

Charlie Dotson - 2AG - 34:51

Dawson Hunter - 3AG - 38:15

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