Monday, September 10, 2012

Race Report from 9-8 to 9-9

Blue Ridge Relay - Highlands, VA to Asheville, NC - 210 Miles
12 Men Division
Asheville Collective - 1st Overall
Lance Martin was on the "That's How We Run" Team  

6 Women Ultra Division
Ultra Chicks (pictured at finish)

Lehigh Valley 1/2 Marathon (PA)
Kimberly Sweetland - 1st Female Overall - 1:14:10

Lehigh Valley Marathon (PA)

Karen Ostergaard - 3:19:26 
Maura Goodrich - 3:48:32

Wears Valley 15K 
Ron Wyant - 1:14:10

Sarah Hendricks and Diane Wilson won the 20 Mile Division of the Big South Fork Ride & Tie on Fri. with a total time of 3:01. This is a relay race of 2 runners and one horse over trails.
Todd Gothberg ran Reach the Beach in NH this past weekend.

Run Walk Crawl for Hope Trail 5k
Raylene Morrow - 1st Place Age Group 

Report from Jennifer Tyner (pictured below):

"I just got back from running the Disney 1/2 marathon. I completed the race as part of the Disney Coast to Coast series. I ran the Goofy Challenge in Jan 2012 and went to Disneyland, finished the 1/2 and earned the Coast to Coast medal as well. Fun races...way too congested, but fun. Time for the 1/2 was 2:11 (but that included stopping to take pictures with characters along the route)."

Mountain Medley Triathlon - Lake Summit, NC
Karen Masson - 1st Woman Overall

Eastman 3k Race Walk - Kingsport, TN
Don McMahill - 1st Place Age Group 22:15

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  1. Aaron,
    A correction. I wish I ran a 1:14 half, but my actual time was 1:29:18 at the Lehigh Valley race! :)
    Kim Sweetland