Friday, January 14, 2011

Dunpont Group Run Jan 15 canceled

Due to the face that Fletcher Park Greenway is still a sheet of ice and DuPont has about 10 inches of snow covering it, the group run for Jan 15th is canceled. We will shoot for meeting next Wednesday evening at Fletcher Park at 5:45pm at the Steelcase Shelter to run. Try to get in about 60 minutes this weekend, best if it is indoors-treadmill, bicycle etc. If you are on the road watch for ice and be aware that most sidewalks are still covered with snow in our area. Follow week 1 of the training plan and pick out a cross training workout that you can do when running is not possible. We will do a long run next Saturday, Jan 22nd for those of you not racing the Hot
Chocolate 10k. WE are still 12 weeks out for the half marathon, so we have plenty of time to build our mileage and over pace up by April 9th. Have a great weekend!!!

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