Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great showing for Foot Rx at Black & Blue Trail Race

Even though there were cold temps this morning, the Black & Blue Classic had a great turn out this morning. It was great to see so many faces I know. Every one I talked to had a great time and enjoyed the course at the South Cliffs Private Community. Great job to Greg Duff, Glory Hound Events, & Setup Events on a great race. The Black course (6.5 miles) was Hard & FUN! The race climbs for just over 3 miles & then comes down for the rest. The Blue course (suppose to be 2.8, but thanks to my wife who mislead ALL the runners, it was probably closer to 3). Beth Saft ended up winning the Blue race bringing home an Adirondack Table. Awesome job to her.

In the Black race, I (Aaron Saft) won the men's race & brought home the Saft household another table, Mark Lundblad 2nd, Victor McHenry 3rd, Jerad Crave 4th, & Jay Curwen 5th. Jay's wife Monica won the females Black race. Official results will be posted at

Congrats to All who finished Dennis Duffy, Frank C., Donald (Enka HS Coach), Lloyd (Mr. Amazing), Rick Baker, Ms. Martha, Canadian Andrea (spelling?), Gary, Mrs. Mielke, Bob, Mike Tinsley, Nicole, & 2 x Keith (nice to meet you both!). Gosh I'm sorry if I missed any one!

Great to meet some new faces!

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