Friday, October 9, 2009

Cross Country Grand Prix Race #5 Results

What a beautiful day we had at Jackson Park yesterday! I'd like to thank every one for coming out yesterday. We had 19 finishers in all. Kudos to Duncan Sharrits who came in 4th overall for the males and who is running the Hartford Marathon tomorrow. Also to those doing Bethel 1/2 Marathon tomorrow, hope that didn't hurt you for the race! Good times were had. The runners ran an approximately 2.5k loop 2.5 times for a total of 6k. I'd like to thank Mother Nature for the HUGE tree that fell over the trail which the runners had to traverse THREE TIMES! A big thank you to Greg Walker for coming out to help with the finish line. Congrats to Dave Workman who finished 1st overall and plans on running the Bethel 1/2 tomorrow. What a warrior! Also, a shout out to Erik Ostergaard for running the race with a bum tendon in his ankle. Hope that heals soon! Congrats to Beth Saft for winning the Female's race. She's so speedy. Thanks once again to all. We've really enjoyed putting this on!

Here are the results:
1 David Workman 23:36
2 Erik Ostergaard 26:02:00
3 Shawn Bagley 26:16:00
4 Duncan Sharrits 28:03:00
5 David Rawlerson 30:59:00
6 Mark Ryan 31:06:00
7 Alan Cameron 31:44:00
8 Ron Wyant 32:10:00
9 John Blexrud 34:02:00
10 Jim Semon 34:34:00
11 Rich Cochran 34:42:00
12 Larry Boyer 35:40:00
13 Robert Goodwin 36:18:00
14 Hank Caplan 36:43:00
15 Jim Anderson 44:44:00
16 Ben Eaton 58:01:00

1 Beth Saft 27:05:00
2 Katherine Neville 37:41:00
3 Christy Traylor 58:00:00

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