Thursday, October 15, 2009

CW-X & Mizuno Breath Thermo Clothes Are IN!

We've received our next shipment of CW-X tights. This stuff has been going fast. Come in and check it out. Amazing technology is put into these tights. Not only are they compression, but they have a kinesio technology that helps tract muscle, tendons, & fascia, as well as stabilize the knee & support the lower back. Come try it on!

Our line of Mizuno Breath Thermo Clothing just came in. The base layer top stays warm as you sweat. There are micro fibers which are a part of the material that actual heat up as you sweat so your clothes stay warm instead of getting cold as the material become wet. These pieces have been are best sellers over the past 2 years. We've got a sample of the material on the counter for you to check out. This stuff is truly great for cold weather running.

Also, we've received new apparel from Saucony as well.

We have gloves & hats in abundance. Don't be cold this winter. Come in & check out what we have.

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