Monday, September 14, 2009

9-12 - Blue Ridge Relay Experience

This passed weekend, Jerad Crave & Aaron Saft competed on the Mizuno Team in the Blue Ridge Relay. Aaron ran legs 2, 14, & 26. A total of 24.5 miles over the two-day race. Jerad ran legs 4,16, & 28 for a total of 18.2 miles. Our team was comprised of runners from all over the South. Including runners from Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, & Virginia. These were Mizuno Employees and retail stores who sell Mizuno. A great bunch of gentlemen. We had a great time racing Norm's Maggots. The Maggots & our Mizuno team went back & forth, but had a great time cheering each other on along the way. Wrong turns were taken & mistakes were made by both teams. In the end, The Maggots triumphed. Our hats off to a hard fought race!

More importantly, congrats to Scott Hayward. He finished all 211 miles in about 57 hours BY HIMSELF! Amazing!

Send Aaron your stories from the Relay or the Asheville 1/2, so we can share them on the blog!

Congrats to all who raced this weekend!

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