Monday, March 2, 2009

( Not So) Breaking News!

This Just In!!! (Actually, its 2 days old, but who is counting?)

Foot RX favorites - Jerad Crave, Mark Lundblad and Ann Lundblad win titles at Black Mountain Marathon & Mount Mitchell Challenge in brutal conditions.

Nothing like sub 40 degree temps, freezing rain and snow to make a 26.2 mile or 40 mile race memorable, right? At least they are both flat... oh, wait - they aren't? Both courses go up and down MOUNTAINS, you say? Come on, now. That's just... wrong.

Right or wrong, everyone who competed this past weekend is a stud in our mind. Congrats to the winners and to ALL who stepped on the line.

For more on the races (and some great photos) check out this Citizen-Times article and the Team Inov-8 blog.

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