Monday, March 11, 2013

Aaron & Beth Saft Win River Bound Trail 8k

Charlotte River Bound 8k Trail Race at Renaissance Park.
If you look at the course map ( you’ll throw up from how many turns we made.
We started uphill and made a hard left after the 600m hill into a mud pit which I fell into and cut my knee up pretty good (bones heal & chicks dig scars!). I led from the start and won by 1:22 in 28:32 after a week off from sickness. I could never tell just how much of a lead I had with the switchbacks being so close to one another, it looked some times as if 2nd place was right on my heels. So I ran scared for the first 4.5 miles, then I kicked it in just to e safe.

Beth suffered the same illness and had no idea she was the women’s leader, but won easily unscathed and smiling (slight coughing fit on the cool down).

It was a blast!

First time we had each won the overall in an event together!