Monday, May 14, 2012

Race Report from 5-12 to 5-13

Ramble Run 12k
Matt Morse - 1st Overall
Aaron Saft - 2nd Overall
Jake Bradler - 3rd Overall
David Workman - 4th Overall - 1st Master's
Scott Hickman - 3rd Age Group in 51:21
Randy Sain - 1:02
Albert Noah PR'd on the longer course & defended Foot Tag #4
Dennis Duffy - 12th Age Group - 1:05:47

Keelin Schneider - 2nd Overall
Katie Gwyther - 3rd Overall
Lydia Odell - 3rd Master's
Janet Casperson - 1:19:43
Lynn Ray - Finished in 1:22
Melissa McCulloch was 4th in her Age Group, but ran faster than last year!

Ramble Run 5k
Don McMahill - 3rd Age Group - 41:18

Andie McKenzie finished the Meals on Wheels Metric Ride.

Raylene Morrow ran the Hearts for Heros 5k & finished 2nd in her Age Group in 25:54 (42 seconds faster than last year).

Bill Sauber ran the Gothenburg 1/2 Marathon in Sweden finishing in 1:48 with 55,000 of his closest friends!

Christy Bare ran the Leader of the Pack 5k in Forest City and finished 2nd in her Age Group in 29:48.

Karen Masson (pictured above) sent in the following:
" Had a fantastic time in St. Croix for 1/2 ironman this past weekend. Race could have been a bit better for me- heat, humidity was brutal -although it could have been worse as it was overcast/drizzly all day. But I ended up 4th in my age group with a time of 5.30.24. Got run down in the last 1/2 mile and missed the podium by 30 sec.I look happier in this photo than I felt! But had a really fun race overall."

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