Monday, June 6, 2011

Race Report from June 4-5

Lynn Rapp, Pictured 2nd from the left, ran the downhill at dawn almost 12 minutes faster than she did last year! Well done! The other women are from our sister store Foot Rx Johnson City. Albert Noah ran 1:50:34 for a new personal record. Congrats man! Jesse Warren was 3rd in his age group. Tera Pruett ran with a friend & finished in 2:06.

Curtis Rowe ran the 12 hour Black Mountain Monster solo. He tied for 2nd place and ran 61.5 miles total. That's 25 miles further than he has ever ran. Great job Curtis!

Lance Martin ran 22:24 at a HOT Chamber Challenge 5k. His team was 3rd place in the men's division. Rebecca Mayernick & Andy Brouwer were on the 2nd place Co-Ed team.

Kate Seng (pictured below) ran a triathlon called Racing for Recovery in Monroe, MI this past weekend. She was 12th overall for women and 2nd in her age group. My time was 1:35:52.

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