Friday, March 18, 2011

This sounds intense!

Check out these results from Jennifer Bauer.

I'll let Jenn explain:

"See below for the link to the results of the North Georgia Adventure Race which I did this past weekend. The list on the right of the first page is the final results for all of the teams. If you click on the Leaderboard tab, you will see which teams got which checkpoints. You'll have to go through pages 2 and 3 (the link on the top right of the table) to see all of the checkpoints. The Results tab shows team ranking within each category. My team is "Will Race for Food", the only all female team.

In summary, my teammate, Stephanie Briggs, and I finished 13th of 36 teams and feel really good about it. We finished in 24.5 hours (9am on Saturday to 10:30am on Sunday with one hour lost for daylight savings time) and got 20 of the 25 checkpoints."

Here's the link:


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