Monday, June 4, 2012

Race Report from June 1 to 3

Black Mountain Monster 12/24 Hour Event
Frank Bott - 36 Miles
Lydia Odell - 34 Miles
Bart & Eve Smith - 33 Miles

Karen Masson placed 2nd Overall at Xterra's Triathlon

Jenny Primm finished her 1st 50k at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Washington DC.

Asheville Chamber Challenge 5k
1st Overall - Matt Morse
3rd Overall - Aaron Saft
5th Overall - Shiloh Meilke
8th Overall - David Workman
These four men were the 1st Male Team Overall & Fastest Team
13th Overall - Curtis Rowe - 2nd Team Coed
200th Overall - Dennis Duffy - 13th Male Team out of 43

1st Female - Keelin Schneider
2nd Female -Katie Gwyther
7th Female - Cara Hayes
8th Female - Kimberly Sweetland
These four women were the 1st Female Team Overall

Blue Plum 5k - Johnson City, TN - 900 Registered Runners
8th Overall - J. Cantrell
3rd Age Group - Raylene Morrow 25:07

Albert Noah sent in the following race report from Down Hill at Dawn:
"PR’d at (Mostly) Downhill @ Dawn! Wasn’t expecting that at all!

My training for the past couple months has been almost nonexistent and I have been running races by the seat of my pants. Hopefully that will change over the summer but who knows. J

I would like to thank Greg Jackson because he is the reason that I PR’d! I was planning on having a leisurely long run rather than race a half marathon. Unfortunately, at the turnaround Greg caught my attention and said “Hey Albert!”, and like a kitten after a ball yarn I just had to give chase. I thought I had no chance of catching him but the chase is part of the fun. Greg and I are fairly evenly matched as far as running goes. Sometimes I beat him, sometimes he beats me, but that's what makes it fun.

I'm not sure if my chasing him had any affect on his race but I know he PR’d also. So thanks Greg! My calves are SORE, my quads are trashed, and my glutes hurt and it's all your fault. Thanks for the PR buddy, I owe you one!"

Downhill at Dawn - Jesse Warren - 1:40 - 3rd in his Age Group

Run on the Wildside 9k - NC Arboretum
Melissa McCulloch - 56:08

Lynn Marks completed the 100 mile Fletcher Flyer Bike Ride

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