Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Talk Series by Physical Therapist Wes Miller

Run, run, fast as you can - unless you CAN'T - 70% of runners lose at least one training day a year to injury. At Foot Rx, we have built our reputation on helping those who are injured return to the track or trails. But footwear is only one ingredient in the recipe for staying healthy so the other folks can't catch you. So we invited one of the experts who has helped take care of US to teach YOU how to take care of you this winter.

We'll help you rise from a gooey, gumdrop-buttoned dough ball to a tempered, ginger warrior ready to break the mold by the time spring rolls around.

Join us at our NEW 1979-A Hendersonville Rd location at 6pm for a 4-session, interactive, bring-your-mat-and-roll-around-on-the-floor series to really break notions about everything connected to your fitness routine. Q&A and help with modifications based on your specific needs will be part of every session to help you get the most out of every session.

Limited space is available (15 spots). Please RSVP to

SESSION #1 Jan. 10: What does FLEXIBILITY mean anyway? (and why does everyone keep telling me I need it?)

SESSION #2 Jan. 24: The CORE is the key to efficient running (and why you're probably training it wrong)

SESSION #3 Feb. 7: Anaerobic training for an aerobic sport (why STRENGTH TRAINING with heavy weights improves your endurance )

SESSION #4 Feb. 21: Jumping back into spring (What can PLYOMETRICS do for me?)

Wesley Miller, PT, FAAOMPT has been addressing the sports medicine needs of the Asheville community for nearly a decade. His physcial therapy expertise is in chronic, hard-to-treat conditions and is a sucker for a challenging patient. Endurance trail running, 24-hour mountain bike racing, barefoot and minimalist footwear, and brevets have helped him appreciate the needs of the outdoor athlete. Having ankle surgery helped him appreciate the recovery process and honed his treatment approach to maximize your potential. He currently practices at Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Arden.

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