Monday, September 5, 2011

Race Report

Curtis Rowe was 4th overall last weekend in the Lake Lure 10k Dam Run in 38:16.

Shawn Bagley was 4th overall in the Race to the Rock with a time of 23:28 last Sunday.

Justin Tebockhorst & Leah Nicholson each won their respective race at the Apple Festival 8k. Justin ran 26:45, while Leah ran 34:04. Beth Saft was 2nd overall in a very close race running 34:05. David Workman was 4th overall & ran 29:37 winning the master's division. Curtis Rowe was 7th overall coming in at 30:47. Dennis Duffy finished in 41:06 & 10th in his Age Group. Kate Seng took 5th Place in her Age Group at the Apple Festival 8k on Sat. in 44:55. Lynn Ray set a new PR running 47:43. Raylene Morrow finished 2nd in her Age Group.

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