Friday, April 30, 2010

Boston Marathon

I'd like to thank every one for their concern & support for me after the Boston Marathon.

The experience was great even though the result was not what I had hoped for. I was 1:13:22 at the 1/2 Marathon, which is where I wanted to be. At 17 miles I started to feel an intense throb in my foot. By 18, I could not push off my forefoot and had to slow. My legs still felt fine (much to my surprise), but my foot was making finishing look less and less likely.

At mile 22 I saw my family & my wife encouraged me to finish, so on I pressed. I decided to enjoy the last few miles & take in my surroundings.

I will never forget coming down Bolyston St. to the finish. Crowds of people cheering, & a narrow strip of blue sky between the immense buildings that surrounded me.

The result is a stress fracture. I pressed too long & hard without rest, & the stress fracture is what came of it.

Once again, I thank every one for their kind words & support!


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