Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blackjack 5k Jan. 16th Results

My apologies to all for two things. One in taking so much time to post results for the race, & secondly to say that I only have the overall winners as the tags were dropped as they were handed off to be put away.
Gary Ball was our male overall winner in a time of 19:19.
Jackie Witherspoon was our female overall winner in a time of 20:03.
We had SIX Blackjack Winners! There were 35 runners, & I added money to the pot, so each runner took home a $40 Gift Certificate to Foot Rx Asheville. In addition, any one who drew a joker during the race received an additional $10 gift certificate.
We had a lot of fun, & I hope every one will come back for our next race (5k) in Jackson Park on Jan. 30th at 8am. Registration opens at 7:30am. The cost is $5.
Thanks again to all & sorry for the mishap!


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  2. Thanks for a really fun race! Looking forward to the next one on 1/30.