Friday, November 20, 2009

Cross Country Grand Prix Race #8 Montreat College 8k

That was fun! That's all I can say about that. We had 15 brave soles run with headlamps through the dark of Montreat Colleges' 8k Cross Country Course. There were no casualties, & only a few wrong turns.
Congrats to Dave Workman & Susan Dannenberg who won the men's & women's races respectively.
We will be doing this again next year. I hope every one had a good time.
If you paid your $50 or did 4 or more races, please come out for the awards ceremony & get a shirt. The awards ceremony will take place at Flat Rock Village Bakery in the heart of Flat Rock at 3pm on Saturday Nov. 21st. Pizza will be provided. Significant others & kids are more than welcome!
I will save the overall results until after the awards ceremony.
The following are results from yesterdays race:

Place Name Time
1 Dave Workman 31:58:00
2 Geoff Harris 34:34:00
3 Shawn Bagley 35:40:00
4 Duncan Sharrits 37:25:00
5 Mark Ryan 39:46:00
6 David Raulerson 42:08:00
7 Larry Boyer 42:27:00
8 Ron Wyant 43:35:53
9 Bill Sauber 43:35:83
10 Hank Caplan 48:20:00
11 Rick Cochran 49:47:00
12 Jim Semon 49:48:00
13 Jim Anderson 1:03:56

Place Name Time
1 Susan Dannenberg 50:16:00
2 Katherine Neville 50:17:00

Thank you to all our sponsors & hosts!
Montreat College
Henderson County Park & Rec
Fletcher Parks & Rec
The Asheville School
Camp Rockmont
Drymax Socks

We'll be starting our Blackjack series real soon.
Stay tuned.
Until next time...

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