Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nimbus & Cumulus Mania!

No, I ain't talking about clouds (although I am an avid cloud-watcher).

I think I see a bear, or a race car... no its Scott doing a yoga pose!

I am talking about the brand spanking new versions of Asics's wildly popular running shoes, the Nimbus 11 and the Cumulus 11. The delivery just arrived this past week and they've been selling like hot cakes. We are one of the only stores in the area to get them this early, so unless you want to wait until June (way too long), come grab yourself a pair (please pay for them before you leave!).

Both of these neutral shoes offer a great bang for your buck in terms of cushioning. The Cumulus has consistently been a great competitor to comparable models from other brands in the neutral category and the Nimbus has been the Rolls Royce of soft cushioned goodness for years. You gotta feel them for yourself. Come on down to the store, take in that new shoe smell (always perferrable to old shoe smell) and try on these brand new models.

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